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Trade Title: VELAKTOZ-A 

Therapeutic form: Suspension 200 ml

Ingredients: Prunus domestica-black plum extract – 100 mg / ml

Lactulose-lactulose – 562 mg / ml.

Description: Colorless or pale brownish-yellow color transparent liquid fluid, sweet taste.

Pharmacotherapeutic group: Lemongrass, it circulates the masses and facilitates defects in the intestine through the absorption of fluid – at the expense of osmotic pressure of the content.

Pharmacological properties: Lactulosa is a synthetic derivative of lactose. It does not fall apart due to the absence of appropriate enzymes in the gastrointestinal tract  and not absorbed. Stimulates the peristalsis, improves the absorption of phosphates and calcium salts, increases ammonia diffusion from the blood to the gastrointestinal tract and As a result of intestinal flora, lacticulose in the large intestine is reduced to low-molecular organic acids – mainly milky, partially antibacterial and chromium. At this time the osmotic pressure increases in the large intestine and decreases the pH, increases the size of the stool, which stimulates the large intestinal peristaltic and normalizes the feasibility of the feces. Which helps to eliminate constipation and restore the physiological rhythm of gastrointestinal tract promotes its allocation from the organism.

Allocations of ammonium ions are allocated for the developme Acids reduction of intestinal obstruction; Also, reduction of nitrogenous toxic substances by stimulation of the bacteria that makes ammonia utilization for the synthesis of bacterial protein.nt of laxative effect. Laxative effect is shown after 24-48 hours after receiving the drug.In addition, the lacticosis along with the stool will expel bile Acids, which results in decreased cholesterol content in blood and gall bladder. Has the ability to suppress the growth of salmon in the large intestine. Does not reduce the absorption of vitamins and minerals. Does not cause you to get accustomed.

The effect of the drug during the hepatic encephalopathy or hepatic coma / precoma is to suppress the proteolytic bacteria at the expense of increasing the number of acidophilic bacteria (eg, lactobacteria); Transfer of ammonia into ionic form at the expense of acidity of the colon content; Osteoscopy and pH reduction of intestinal obstruction; Also, reduction of nitrogenous toxic substances by stimulation of the bacteria that makes ammonia utilization for the synthesis of bacterial protein.

Pharmacokinetics: Absorption is low. Not absorbed, reaches the large intestine where it is caused by the intestinal flora. In the case of 45-70 ml doses completely metabolized; The higher dose is partially excreted in the form of irreplaceable form.


Black plum extract-

The main medicinal value is stimulated by antibacterogenic, strong antioxidant properties, including antibiotic, microorganisms, micro and macropletes (contains C, B3 vitamins and carotene, folium, potassium, phosphorus, iron, manganese, magnesium, chromium and other chemical substances) It hinders the process of grafting in the human intestine, It works on the conditional pathogenic microflora, strengthens the peristaltica, characterizes the laxative, low gallbladder properties.


  • Chronic constipation: In children, elderly and pregnant women (uncommon defecation, dry and solid stools)
  • regulation of physiological rhythm of large intestine disorders;
  • Need for excavation for medical purposes (hemorrhoids, surgery on the bone and anterior area, postoperative period);
  • also ;

– If the patient has a  Hemorrhoids

– If the patient underwent surgery on the anal hole or the lower part of the colon

  • intestinal disbacteriosis;
  • Leprosy dyspepsia syndrome (as a result of acute poisoning in early childhood children);
  • Salmonella, internal entity caused by internal, salmonella conductivity;
  • Pregnancy and coma, a hepatic encephalopathy, hypersomnia.
  • intoxication

Terms and conditions of use:

Accepted inside. The doctor prescribes the duration and dose of treatment. For the treatment of constipation and the excavation of stool: The drug is taken once in the morning at 1 o’clock in the morning. Clinical effect is shown after 1-2 days. The dosage increases if the patient’s condition has not improved during 2 days after the use of the drug.In adults: the initial dose – 15-45 ml, maintenance – 10-25 ml. In children: The initial dose for children under the age of 3 is 5 ml, maintenance – 5 ml. The initial dose for children aged 3-6 years is 5-10 ml, maintaining 5-10 ml. The initial dose for children aged 7-14 years is 15 ml, maintaining – 10 ml. Usually, the dose may be reduced after a few days of use.

In intestinal dysbacteriosis (daily dose): Adults: 10 ml; In children: 7 years and above -10 ml; 4-7 years – 5 ml; 1-3 years – 3 ml; 1 year – 1.5-3 ml. Salmonella, during internal enteritis: In the first 10-12 days 15 ml 3 times a day. After a week interval five times in the same dose.

At the time of hepatic encephalopathy, hepatic premore and com: 30-45 ml 3 times per day. Then go on an individually selected preservation dose that the frequency of the soft stool (pH indicator 5.0-5.5 borders) does not exceed 2-3 days a day. Treatment can last 3 months and more. If it is impossible to get inside the drug, it is prescribed: 300 ml of the drug is dissolved in 700 mL water or in physiological solution.

Special instructions:

  1. Sexuality and lactation are not contraindicated, I use the trimester for the purpose of the doctor.
  2. Caution is prescribed in patients with diabetes mellitus.
  3. Each dose is dose selected individually.
  4. When the drug is taken together with antacids, the preparation of the drug is weakened.


Interaction with other drugs: With the use of a wide range of antibiotics with action, it is possible to reduce the therapeutic effect of lactulose.

When used with antacids, lactulasia is weakened because they contradict pH reduction. Side effects: Gastrointestinal system: meteorism, abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting Very rare, long-term therapy may reduce the water-electrolyte shift.

Excess dosage: Excess dosage of medicines is not observed. Possible symptoms: diarrhea, pain in the abdomen, meteorism, treatment: reduction or removal of the dose of the drContraindications:

  • Hypersensitivity to the components of the drug;
  • Galactosemia;
  • Lactose, galactose or fructose intolerance;
  • Intestinal obstruction, intestinal obstruction, collate, elitism

Impact on driving ability

Does not influence.

Production form: 200 ml suspension for absorption inside

Storage conditions:

Store in a dry and dark place at a temperature of 15-250C.

It is stored in children’s

Shelf life:

2 years. Do not apply to the packaging after the expiration of the said term.

Conditions Issuing Pharmaceutical Product Group III, issued without prescription.

Manufacturer’s Address and Name: Turkey HONOR PHARMA INDUSTRY Zubeyde Hanim sok. No: 5 / A D: 8 Bestepe / Yenimalle / Ankara / Turkiye

Official Distributor in Georgia: LTD .3D PHARMA Georgia E-mail:


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